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Stepping Out - Review

Stepping Out - The Musical.   

A Musical Comedy set in a tap class.

Shush, Wantage; Fri October 7th 2011




I really enjoyed this show. I wasn't quite sure what to expect as I've only ever seen the film with Liza Minelli in it. However, although that's a classic, I really rate the musical version!


The cast in this production did an excellent job. The sound was great, the costumes at times hilarious yet all fitted into the 1980's period that the director had set it in. Performances by the experienced cast of local performers really brought this show to life. The many gags had me regularly in stitches, the more sombre moments had me truly engrossed in the action and the upbeat song and dance numbers had me tapping my foot.


The tap dancing was excellent. I overheard another member of the audience saying that none of the cast had ever tapped before doing this show, yet they all looked like they'd been doing it for years! The venue 'Shush' is relatively new but suited the show well. Being able to take alcoholic drinks to enjoy during the performance was really good.


All in all a fantastic evening, well worth the money. I think I may go again as I haven't seen such a good local show in a long time.


Fiona Jones, 07/10/11